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Manufacture, sales and exports of various Synthetic Resins & Acrylic Emulsions
Manufacture, sales and exports of various Synthetic Resins & Acrylic Emulsions
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Established in the year 2006 Tridev Resins is an organization situated in Vapi (Gujarat), India, which is about 180 kms from Mumbai. The company is engaged in the manufacture, sales and exports of various Synthetic Resins & Acrylic Emulsions and caters to various industries like the Printing Inks, Ball Point Pen Inks, Lacquers, Varnishes and Paint Industries.

Tridev Resins (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a Private Limited Company incorporated in India in the year 2006 by Technocrats to manufacture and market high quality Synthetic Resins and Acrylic Emulsions for Printing Inks, Paints and Surface Coatings Industries.

The factory building is designed in such a way that it can process approx. 3600 tonnes of Resins in a series of reactors, fully equipped with condensers, receivers, filter machines, boilers to process all kinds of Resins & Acrylic Emulsions.

Our products are of international standards to multinational companies, large, medium and small scale Indian industries. It is also engaged in exporting of many products to various countries.

Tridev Resins (I) Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with latest Quality Control facilities to test the raw materials as well as finished products. It also has round the clock working process control laboratory, so as to make the products of consistent quality. Tridev is very keen to update qualities of their products and to develop newer products to keep pace with international range of products, used with added advantage of better properties at a
much competitive price. The efforts of upgrading the quality of all the existing products is a continuous process of the company, based on the growing need of the customers for the higher quality of the products from time to time.

The management and administration of the Tridev Resins flourishes under the backbone of technical expert Mr. Vinod Oza (B.Sc.) who has tremendous experience on the chemistry of polymers.

Endless possibilities...
Total Quality Management Principles
We are committed to continually improve in:
  • Satisfying the customer.
  • Having the minimum practical number of managerial layers management supporting, coaching, and empowering employees.
  • Performing only value-added activities and rigorously eliminating those which are not.
  • Becoming effective and efficient in the performance of these value-added activities.
  • Maximizing effective teamwork, both multi-functional and within the natural work group.
  • Measuring our performance, correcting our deficiencies, and applauding our successes.
  • Above all, continuing to learn new techniques, new tools, and new methods to meet the challenges of the future.
Quality Policy
Tridev is dedicated to providing products and services which consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. We promote personal involvement, teamwork, continuous improvement, and proactive problem solving to drive this commitment to quality. In every facet of our operations we are dedicated to applying these principles while maintaining an equal commitment to the health and safety of our employees, plant neighbours, customers, and the environment.
Product Stewardship
Tridev Resins is concerned about the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and the community. We are committed to reviewing and improving upon our manufacturing processes and products to minimize any adverse safety, health and environmental impacts.
In accordance with this commitment, Tridev will strive to:
  • Design safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally sound products and processes.
  • Transport products safely in packaging which conserves resources and meets customers’ needs.
  • Bring value to our customers by continually improving our products and processes.
  • Enhance partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and the community to fulfil these responsibilities.
Company Policy
  • Remain committed to servicing the industry via a Distribution network.
  • To build long lasting, profitable business relationships with our Distributors and Customers.
  • Concentrate on growing globally.