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Manufacture, sales and exports of various Synthetic Resins & Acrylic Emulsions
Manufacture, sales and exports of various Synthetic Resins & Acrylic Emulsions
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Ketonic Resins

HK 1000

General Description
HK – 1000 is pearl shaped granular solid, light fastness, neutral reaction and resistance to saponification of synthetic resin. HK are great advantages for ball points inks. Due to its high viscosity, high softening range, Quick solubility and excellent thixotrophic properties. Also use in paper lacquers, compatibility with shellac and hardness are useful factors. The preparation of polishers, polishing varnishes and lacquers for the surface treatment of wood suitably are formulated combination of synthetic resin HK with nitrocellulose containing in addition to phthalate plasticizers, a certain proportion of alkyd resin which are suitable for wood lacquers are distinguished for their high elasticity and resistance to the cold check test synthetic resin. HK is also used in printing inks resin.

  • HK – 1000 is best suitable for use in ballpoint ink formulation.
Typical End Applications
  • Ball Point Pen Inks
  • Paper Coatings
  • Ethanol, N-Butanol, ISO- Butanol, Acetone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Cyclohexanone, Methyl ISO Butyl Ketone, Phenoxy Glycol, Xylene, Methanol Partly Soluble in Toluene.
Specification Chart
Description of Property Unit HK - 1000
Colour (Gardner Scale) - 1-2
Appearance -- Pearl shaped Granular Solid
Viscosity in 50% Ethanol Ford Cup B4 25 +/- 1 Sec / 30 oC
Softening Range Capillary Method 102 -114 oC
Hydroxyl Value - 220-240
Acid Value MG/KOH/Gms Max 1.0

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